The Body Aches After A Massage?

Illustration of The Body Aches After A Massage?
Illustration: The Body Aches After A Massage?

hello around last January I did a massage but because I am a person who rarely / never massage then I feel pain when massaged especially in the lower back u0026amp; waist near the tailbone. I think after a day or 2 the pain will disappear but until now my body is still in pain in the same body area. the pain that I experienced was like muscle pulling and shortness of breath. I have gone to a neurologist, physiotherapist to do an MRI check but the results say that I have not had HNP or other neurological diseases. I have also taken muscle inflammation medicine u0026amp; nerve medicine but until now the pain has not healed well. I have mild levoskolios in the rumbar area but mild (only 15 degrees).

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Good morning, thanks for asking at We understand your confusion. Judging from the complaint itself, the possibility that can occur when there is pain in the lower back and waist, especially after being massaged, is an injury to the muscles, muscle tension, or inflammation of the muscles. If it is not related to the massage itself, the cause could be due to pinched nerves, could be due to fractures or shifts in the spine, urinary tract infections, kidney stones, and kidney infections.

In your condition, in fact you have taken the right steps to check with a neurologist and have done physiotherapy. In terms of handling, you have done it far enough but in the same way, in concrete handling we cannot provide more than what has been given by specialist doctors who have examined you directly, because for doctors, diagnosis cannot be established and treatment cannot be given without direct inspection.

What we can recommend now is that you try to see a orthopedic doctor, because for a pinched nerve it is indeed the right doctor to handle it is a neurologist, but for other possibilities, that is the competence of the orthopedic doctor. In addition, we can also recommend that you control your condition to your doctor beforehand if your complaint does not improve. With the control and evaluation, your doctor can carry out further examinations and provide further treatment as well.

Meanwhile, with all the examinations and treatments that you have done, there isn't really much treatment that you can do independently, so you should immediately consult a orthopedist. So, hopefully answering your question.

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