The Body Always Feels Cold Accompanied By The Head Of The Client?

In the afternoon, I want to ask, the first question: why is my body not able to stand the cold, sometimes likes to be feverish, even though I live in tangerang where the temperature is stable tends to be hot, especially if I’m at the foot of the mountain, getting cold even though I drink warm tea. Second question: my head often wanders and the back of my neck always feels achy .. Third question: sometimes after swallowing food, the food feels stuck in my throat … Please advise and put it in … thank you very much before

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Hello Ida,

Thank you for your question.

Basically, body temperature regulation is regulated by the brain, nervous system, thyroid gland, skin and fat tissue. There are several conditions for interference with the body. Among them:

 anemia, which is deficient in bedi and vitamin b12 can easily cool because the blood that should be rich in oxygen becomes less and results in being easily resistant to cold. too thin, the lack of fat in the skin can affect the body against cold. Because the function of fat is to maintain body temperature from cold temperatures. lack of thyroid hormone, which is where the thyroid hormone functions for the body's metabolism. If there is a lack of thyroid hormone can cause slowing of body heat production, resulting in shivering. But it needs to be known, to determine a disease needs to be done by physical examination and support, therefore I suggest to check yourself to the doctor of internal medicine. In order to examine thyroid function and blood tests.

May be useful. Always Healthy 😊

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