The Body Experiences Brief Seizures During Sleep?

Illustration of The Body Experiences Brief Seizures During Sleep?
Illustration: The Body Experiences Brief Seizures During Sleep?

Congratulations, I find it hard to go to sleep, every time I want to sleep And close my eyes, I am immediately shocked / shocked to the point of feeling tired and shaking my body, even to my heartache because of too often and strong shock. R nThank you

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Hello Suara Hati, thank you for using the service for consultation.

The symptoms that you convey may be included in the Hypnic jerk, which is a condition in which the body experiences brief and sudden seizures where this situation occurs when a person is falling asleep. Symptoms of a hypnic jerk can vary, such as hearing a small popping sound, seeing a flash of light which then causes the body to experience rapid and irregular jerks / spasms, which can occur in certain parts of the body or can be the whole body. When the hypnic jerk is severe enough, it can cause disturbances when walking, talking or even eating.

The cause of this disorder can be due to several things, such as excessive caffeine consumption, psychological disorders such as stress, anxiety, or because of heavy work, especially those that are done late at night. Diseases in the body can also cause hypnic jerk to appear during your sleep, including due to infectious diseases, kidney failure, liver failure, poisoning, autoimmunity, metabolic disorders, spinal or head injuries, and several disorders of the nervous system.

If you feel that there are no diseases in your body, and you don't have any strenuous work activities, or there are no psychological disorders and balanced consumption of food and drinks, then you don't need to worry if you experience this. As much as possible avoid things that can be at risk of experiencing hypnic jerks by reducing caffeine, managing your stress as well as possible, and avoiding doing work late at night so that it interferes with your time to rest. However, if you increasingly feel your sleep is disturbed and make your daytime activities hampered, then you should see a doctor, a general practitioner, or a psychiatrist to evaluate your health condition, is there any other disturbance in your health that is causing hypnic jerk that interferes with your rest.

Here are some tips for you in overcoming the hypnic jerk you are experiencing, including:

do relaxation before bed
always think positively by listening to motivational shows or broadcasts, or reading books that motivate and train you to think positively
avoid consuming coffee, tea, especially in the afternoon until the night
avoid cigarette smoke, especially late afternoon
create a comfortable bedroom
avoid doing heavy work into the night
exercise regularly but avoid exercising at night

A little information from us, hopefully useful. Thanks.

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