The Body Feels Cold, Blurred Vision, Pain And Nausea, Until Fainting?

Illustration of The Body Feels Cold, Blurred Vision, Pain And Nausea, Until Fainting?
Illustration: The Body Feels Cold, Blurred Vision, Pain And Nausea, Until Fainting?

Very often it hurts, the last time I fainted during the morning briefing (the body began to cool from the bottom of the foot to the head, the view began to blur, stomach aches and stiff, if forced myself to continue, extortion) eat always regularly, water is sufficient. About 3 months ago there were many round rashes appearing around the body at most in the arms, the pain was like swelling but it didn’t go on for 1 month, after that the body appeared for an itchy gatel which was almost unbearable for almost two months and when it was healed it turned into a rash. same as a round rash.After going to several hospitals, one gatel gatel hospital was dermatitis, for which round rashes inflammation of the arteries there was a possibility of auto immune. But after undergoing the test, the results were very good. I was confused, why I was easily sick, and after a while there was just a strange sickness.

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A body that feels cold, blurred vision, pain and nausea (eneg) in the abdomen, to the point of fainting there are many possible triggers. Frequently, this condition occurs associated with hypoglycemia (low blood sugar levels), hypotension (low blood pressure), or anemia (low blood hemoglobin). Although, these complaints can also arise due to other triggers, such as dyspepsia (increased stomach acid), dehydration (lack of fluids), viral or bacterial infections, brain disorders, neurological disorders, endurance disorders, mental disorders, side effects of drugs alcoholism and so on.

The various complaints above, can occur related to rashes on your body, may or may not. Many possibilities can also trigger the rash, including allergies, atopic dermatitis, skin infections, drug eruptions, contact dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, insect bites or other animals, and so on. It could also, this skin rash is a manifestation of other more serious systemic conditions, for example vasculitis (inflammation of the arteries), autoimmune disorders (abnormalities in which immune cells actually attack healthy body cells), and so on.

Without a direct inspection, it is very difficult for us to identify exactly what triggers your various complaints. Unfortunately, you did not explain specifically what types of examinations you have had, and what the results of the examination that you call "good". Therefore, it is not right for us to establish a definitive diagnosis and what is the appropriate treatment for your condition.

More precisely, if it is true that you feel the condition you are experiencing is unnatural, and cannot also be explained by a medical examination, you can check yourself back to the doctor or specialist in internal medicine, yes. With a comprehensive examination, for example involving laboratory tests, x-rays , Ultrasound, heart record, allergy testing, skin biopsy, etc., doctors can often identify the exact conditions that underlie your complaints and provide the best management.

In the meantime, the following efforts can be made:

Always eat with discipline, small but frequent portions (3 to 5 hours), don't be late Don't over consume foods that aggravate nausea, for example fried foods, high fat foods, spicy foods, and which contain a lot of gas (including tubers, cabbage, mustard greens, caffeinated drinks, soda) Compress painful stomach with warm water Routine exercise Regular sleep Don't stress excessively Keep your personal hygiene always, that is by regularly bathing and using clean clothes Do not sloughing or scratching the rash that appears on the body Not carelessly drink or apply medicine to the body Drink a lot Hopefully it helps ya ..

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