The Body Feels Cold To The Touch Even Though It Does Not Feel Cold?

Hi. I am just 17 years old, unfortunately I often feel surprised because my limbs always feel cold to the touch but I did not feel cold at the time, and I rarely feel cold even in cold weather.

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Body conditions that feel cold can be related due to several things that might be the cause, i.e.

 Cold environmental conditions Lack of rest BB that is too thin The body has a deficiency of red blood cells or anemia Disturbances in hormones such as thyroid If the influence of the environment and lifestyle has been overcome even still experiencing the same thing should consult a doctor especially a specialist in internal medicine so that the cause can be known Several things what can be done first is

 Fulfill nutrition properly eating green vegetables and sufficient meat Isitrahat about 6 to 8 hours with good quality Meet the needs of 2 liters of fluid per day But if there are emergencies such as severe gill, BB drops dramatically, the pulse is palpated very quickly, you should immediately go to the hospital for treatment early

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