The Body Feels Cold With A Blurry Vision After Seeing The Blood?

I am a midwife, but today I have a problem. R nI removed the stitches on the head, there were 2 cuts of 5 stitches each. R nIt turned out that the other wound was not so dry that blood flowed from the stitch marks. R nI was shocked, suddenly my body is cold, my head feels light, my vision is blurry, and nauseous. r nIs this a phobia? But I used to see blood during labor.

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Hello. Thank you for asking

We can understand how you feel about the incident. But before that I want to ask a few questions, namely is this your first time experiencing this condition or have you experienced it before? And is the act / incident of removing stitches on the head as you inform has been / has never happened before? Phobia / phobia itself is a condition of excessive fear when facing situations, objects, or places or animals that are actually not too dangerous. This condition is different from ordinary anxiety which is only temporary, such as when starting a job in a completely new environment, facing an interview or exam, whereas phobia is more permanent. Common phobias are fear of heights (acrophobia), fear of speaking in public (glossophobia), fear of darkness (nyctophobia), fear of blood (hemophobia), fear of spiders (arachnophobia), etc.

Common symptoms of phobias can include:

Hard to breathe
Nausea and dizziness
Chest pain and tightness
Confused / disoriented
Body sweating
Excess fear

Several risk factors can cause phobias:

Genetic factors
Environmental factor
Bad experience in the past
Have a brain injury

The most common treatment for phobias is cognitive behavioral therapy by overcoming fearful thoughts and facing situations with rational thoughts. The therapy is carried out through desensitization techniques. The purpose of this technique is to write / describe the thoughts that make the sufferer in their phobic situation, then the fear will gradually decrease and the sufferer can control his fearful thoughts. Desensitization techniques are suitable techniques for dealing with conditions such as phobias, anxiety or fear. This counseling technique focuses on helping to calm the patient from tension in a way to relax. For example, someone who has a phobia of dogs (cynophobia) because he has been chased / bitten by a dog, is asked to read stories and see pictures of dogs. Then the patient is asked to come closer to the dog's crate, touch the dog cage and then touch the dog itself.

From the information you provide, you experience deep panic when facing the above events that make you feel afraid. If indeed you often experience the above conditions and this situation affects your work and life, you should consult directly to a doctor or psychologist so that in-depth counseling and interviews can be carried out to find the exact cause and the right treatment. For complete information and treatment, click the phobia article here. May be useful. Best regards, Dr. Shirly

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