The Body Feels Hot And Cold, Fever, Dizziness To Vomiting And Pain Throughout The Body

Illustration of The Body Feels Hot And Cold, Fever, Dizziness To Vomiting And Pain Throughout The Body
Illustration: The Body Feels Hot And Cold, Fever, Dizziness To Vomiting And Pain Throughout The Body

Hello. I’m Bella, I’m 24 years old. I have more than a week feels hot and cold. Then fever a few days. Often feel dizzy suddenly and could vomit. After that 3 days back, left shoulder, left hand up to the left leg aching aching and weakness accompanied by chills throughout the body. I feel a little worried about the virus that is plaguing or symptoms of dengue fever or chikungunya. Please explain the conditions that I am experiencing and how my actions to overcome them. Thank you

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There are complaints of fever that you feel about this week, dizziness, vomiting, and pain in parts of the body, this condition is likely to be caused by digestive disorders, especially if the fever complaint is accompanied by vomiting; if accompanied by soft bowel movements or diarrhea, then this will strengthen the possibility of pain caused by indigestion.

While the possibility of Corona virus infection, for now, the detection of patients who are at risk of Corona virus infection are:

 Sore throat / cough Fever> 38 degrees celsius The cause of pain at this time does not know the exact cause Uncommon shortness of breath Existing history before, ie the last 14 days ever contact with a suspicious patient Covid-19 or a positive patient Covid-19 There is a previous history, which is 14 the last day ever traveled far or outside the city / abroad where the area is a local transmission area that has been determined by the Ministry of Health or an authorized organization So that related to the detection of possible Corona virus infection, the fever complaint that you feel is one of the symptoms of Covid infection, this still cannot strengthen the possibility of Covid virus infection.

However, even if you experience a fever complaint as a symptom of Covid infection, and you in the previous 14 days have risk factors for contact or travel (as described in Nos. 5 and 6), then this will be a reinforcement of the possibility of Covid virus infection. A history of contact or travel as described above, is a risk factor for transmission from a positive Covid patient to yourself or a risk factor for covid-19 virus exposure to your body when you are in an area of ​​risk. So, with fever and risk factors number 5 and or number 6 that you encounter, this will require further evaluation and examination by the local health department or government hospital. This evaluation and inspection can be done by contacting your city health office or contacting / visiting the nearest government hospital or calling the 119 hot line to inform you of fever complaints, and risk factors for contact with patients or travel history to the local transmission area. The local health office will follow up on this condition proportionally.

However, if you do not find all the risk factors (no. 5 and no. 6), then the possible complaint you feel is indigestion due to gastric irritation, or because of other medical conditions, such as:

 Digestive infections Food intolerance Liver disorders Typhus Dengue fever Sore throat If you have had this complaint for a week, then you should consider consulting and seeing your doctor directly. You can consult online or by telephone unless your doctor asks you to come right away. This is done because it is currently in a state of vigilance Covid-19. The doctor will conduct a survey and ascertain the cause of this complaint, so that the doctor can provide care and treatment for you.

For now, the following treatment efforts you need to consider to help your recovery, such as:

 Avoid sleeping late Avoiding spicy foods, oily foods and instant foods Enough with water and healthy food Stay at home until you recover and until conditions are safe Avoid any activity until you recover That's the info we can convey.

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