The Body Feels Hot Inside, Headaches, Nausea And Hard To Dispose Of Gas After Eating Spicy?

Hello, during Tuesday afternoon I eat seblak, after a few months I never eat seblak again. At first, the gpp only felt spicy, after a few hours the entire body felt hot inside, but when I showered I was cold. Then my head ached and had a headache, my stomach was hot and nauseous, and I was having trouble breathing. And, when it was right, my throat was hoarse and sprue. Guess what? “Why not? Thank you

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Hello Ayu, Thank you for the question.

The symptoms that you are experiencing may be related to the spicy food you consume. Consumption of spicy foods can cause the following conditions:

 gastric ulcer gastric ulcer disease gastric disease Does not rule out can also be caused by gastric and intestinal infections (gastroenteritis), but usually there will be symptoms of diarrhea. The first step you can take now is to try to consume antacids that are sold freely at pharmacies. You are also encouraged to increase your consumption of water, consume foods regularly, avoid consuming spicy, sour, oily foods, avoid consuming caffeinated and fizzy drinks, consume small amounts of food but more often. You are also advised not to consume food and drinks that are not kept clean and always keep your hands clean before eating and after going to the toilet.

If symptoms do not improve within the next 2 days, please consult your nearest GP for further examination and treatment. If danger signs such as vomiting of blood appear, please visit the nearest emergency room immediately so that your condition can be treated immediately.

I hope this helps.

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