The Body Feels Tired Accompanied By Headaches Despite Getting Enough Sleep?

Illustration of The Body Feels Tired Accompanied By Headaches Despite Getting Enough Sleep?
Illustration: The Body Feels Tired Accompanied By Headaches Despite Getting Enough Sleep?

Hello good afternoon, I am an employee of one of the hotels and I usually take my break early at around 9 and I often wake up around 2-3 after I wake up feeling tired, and sometimes I have a headache

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Hello, good night Rezia. Thank you for your question to

Adequate rest / sleep is indeed an important factor for maintaining physical fitness. However, this is not enough. Sometimes people who have enough sleep can feel unfit when they wake up and still feel tired or lethargic in their daily lives. This is caused by many other factors that can affect one's fitness, for example:

Sleep quality. Even though the number of hours of sleep is sufficient (quantity), if the quality is not good, then we cannot recharge our energy. Examples of disturbances in the quality of sleep, for example, partially blocking the airway during sleep by the tongue (causing someone to 'snore' / snore). This condition is also referred to as obstructive sleep apnea, where as a result oxygen is entering the body less and causes the body to not feel fresh when awake and a person feels lack of energy.
Poor eating habits. The function of eating alone is to meet one's energy needs. Therefore the frequency of eating and what we eat greatly affects our daily activities. If someone is late or does not eat, then there can be a condition of lack of blood sugar (hypoglycemia) and causes a person to feel weak, not powered, sleepy, hungry, dizzy, and so forth.
Psychological factors, such as stress or depression. A person's psychological condition can also affect the condition of one's body, and therefore mental health is important to consider. Excess stress can cause a person to be physically and psychologically exhausted and can cause sleep, eating and other activities.
Certain medical conditions, such as dehydration due to lack of fluid intake to the body (in people who do not drink water) and anemia / lack of red blood (both due to lack of iron intake, bleeding, etc.) which can cause a person to be tired, lethargic, underpowered , and can look pale.
and so forth.

For complaints of headaches that you feel, this can also be related to your other complaints or walking alone. Headache is a pain sensation that is felt by someone, where the head can feel like heavy, bound, throbbing pain, or pain like 'pricked', and others. This complaint can be caused by tense muscles, fatigue, poor blood flow to the head, to nervous disorders.

Therefore, you need to find out more about the causes behind your complaint. Maintain your fitness with a healthy lifestyle, such as:

Consume foods that are highly nutritious, multiply vegetables and fruit
Consumption of water at least 8 glasses per day (equivalent to 2 liters of water)
Regular physical / exercise activity with a frequency of 3-5 times a week, every session for at least 30 minutes.
Avoid / stop smoking and alcoholic drinks

Manage stress well, for example with relaxation and looking for positive activities / hobbies with the help of the people closest to you
Isitrahat enough, a minimum of 6-8 hours per day (so that quality sleep and sound, set the bedroom in a comfortable atmosphere, the lights are better dimmed, avoid using gadgets, watching TV, or working in bed, avoid exercising or drinking coffee before going to sleep)

If the complaint is still being felt or the complaint is getting worse, check with your doctor so that the doctor can do a physical examination or supporting examination if needed to find out the cause of the complaint.

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So, hopefully useful. Always healthy!


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