The Body Glides And Feels Dizzy After Quitting Smoking?

Doctor. I have stopped smoking for more than a month. Because strong determination and desire to control myself … But how come I often feel like floating / drunk / dizzy in an instant yeah (only a few seconds). And this situation is quite disturbing. When I just woke up, or walked, suddenly the feeling of floating / drunk / dizzy was attacked .. That’s how well huh? Thanks beforehand doctor ..

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Cigarettes contain various substances in them, one of which is nicotine. In general, the content of cigarettes is dangerous (a myriad of dangers of smoking). Nicotine has an opiate effect just like any other addictive substance. It is this nicotine that works to have a pleasant effect on a person by the occurrence of various biochemical reactions.

Because it is addictive, of course when someone stops smoking the body will experience certain conditions such as headaches, feeling tired, anxious, even constipated or difficult to defecate. But you don't need to worry because these symptoms will gradually improve in a matter of weeks.

At this time the things you can do to accompany your intention to stop smoking are:

Eat healthy and nutritious foods
Avoid high fat foods
Drink a lot of water
Get enough rest and exercise
Avoid stress

Here are tips for you to stop smoking.

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