The Body Is Hot, Is It Because The ASI Is Not Smooth

Illustration of The Body Is Hot, Is It Because The ASI Is Not Smooth
Illustration: The Body Is Hot, Is It Because The ASI Is Not Smooth

Hello doc, my body is hot, after the asi water seems to be substandard, can it be that substandard breast milk causes my body to heat up? And how to deal with it ,?

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Hello Santi,

Thank you for the question.

In nursing mothers, breastmilk expenditure that is not proportional to its production can cause breast milk to accumulate in its ducts, and trigger inflammation. This inflammation can eventually cause fever, pain, swelling, chills, and other uncomfortable sensations. In the medical realm, this condition is called clodged duct induced mastitis. It could also be that the heat you feel is caused by other factors, such as infection, inflammatory disorders, heat stroke, stress, eating out, hormonal influences, side effects of treatment, excessive physical activity, and many other possibilities.

To improve, you can first make the following efforts:

Feed your baby and your milk often
Compress your breasts with warm water and massage around slowly using clean hands
Bath diligently and use a bra and clean clothes
Always wash your hands and clean the baby's oral cavity every time and after breastfeeding
Drink paracetamol and drink plenty of water while still having a fever
Eat a variety of nutritious foods, get enough rest, don't over-think, and live a healthy lifestyle so that your immune system increases

If the fever does not subside for more than 3 days, or if other complaints arise that are more severe, you can see yourself directly to the doctor to be given appropriate treatment. If necessary, the doctor can direct you to undergo blood tests or supporting tests before giving definitive handling of your complaint.

Hope this helps ...

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