The Body Is Often Weak And Tired With Fever After Staying Up Late?

Illustration of The Body Is Often Weak And Tired With Fever After Staying Up Late?
Illustration: The Body Is Often Weak And Tired With Fever After Staying Up Late?

At noon, I want to consult at once I’ve been staying up late this week, always sleeping above 2 in the morning. So, but in recent days my body is often weak and tired, my stomach also hurts more precisely on the left side. My body also often has a sudden fever. Back in 2013, I was diagnosed with typhoid symptoms and inflammation of the lungs. As a child I was also diagnosed with lung infections. Is what I feel all related? Or is it just fatigue from lack of rest? Thank you very much.

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Hi Shilva,

Thank you for asking

The habit of staying up late can indeed cause various health problems. Our bodies work according to a circular rhythm. If we usually do a lot of activities in the morning to evening, then rest at night until early morning, then changing this habit can disrupt the rhythm of the circulation. As a result, hormonal production in the body will be disrupted. This condition can also have an impact on immune system disorders, increased stomach acid production, body aches, poor sleep quality, sensations of the body that are not fit, easily tired, and various other complaints as you experience. Furthermore, by being accustomed to staying up late, many studies have shown that the risk of various diseases, including hypertension, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, obesity, impaired function of other organs, decreased memory and concentration, and the risk of sudden death will also increase.

Apart from being a habit of getting upright, there could also be various complaints that you are currently experiencing due to other triggers, such as viral or bacterial infections (including typhus), immune disorders (for example due to HIV, diabetes), chronic inflammation in the body (for example due to lupus, rheumatoid). arthritis, colitis), malignancy (cancer), mental disorders, and so on.

There are many other possibilities besides staying up late that can trigger your various complaints. Your history of having experienced typhus, inflammation and previous lung infections if it has been treated until it heals actually may not be directly related to your current complaint. However, if the treatment previously given was inadequate, then it would be a different story.

We recommend that you try to do the following steps first so that your complaint gets better:

Try not to sleep after 10 o'clock in the evening If the above steps are not possible, replace your rest time during the day with an adequate nap. Maintain your stamina by exercising more. Compress the sore stomach with warm water. Eat and drink more regularly, do not be put off Eat foods that are balanced nutritionally, rich in antioxidants Do not consume excessive caffeine Avoid stress, or other psychological stress that is too heavy Stay away from cigarettes and alcohol If the above steps your complaints are still not getting better, you should visit a doctor or specialist doctor directly internal medicine in the nearest health facility so that it is given the best treatment yes ..

I hope this helps.

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