The Body Is Swollen And Very Itchy After Taking Vitamin C?

Illustration of The Body Is Swollen And Very Itchy After Taking Vitamin C?
Illustration: The Body Is Swollen And Very Itchy After Taking Vitamin C? Bing

. I’m 2 months pregnant, and suddenly my mouth is dry, cracked and black. Then I took vitamin c from IPI. But until now my lips have not healed, in fact now my whole body is swollen and very itchy. Why? What is the danger to my fetus?

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Hi Ctara,

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Dry, cracked, and blackened lips may be a sign that your lips are irritated. The cause can be dry lips (xerostomia), lip biting or sucking habits, fungal infections, vitamin C deficiency, malnutrition, viral or bacterial infections, or also due to immune system disorders (eg due to HIV/AIDS. Irritations can also occur due to the use of care products). Improper lips, such as lipstick, lip balm, etc. A blackish color on the lips may occur due to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, for example due to peeling of the lip skin resulting in injury.

Need to be clarified, which part of the body is experiencing swelling? Is it really the whole body? Or only in the leg area? So, is there a history of other diseases that you suffer from, such as hypertension, heart problems, impaired liver function, and so on?

Swelling during pregnancy can be normal or not. Normally, swelling during pregnancy occurs due to lack of blood flow back from the lower legs to the heart due to pressure on the blood vessels by the growing fetus. Therefore, this swelling is mostly concentrated in the lower body, starting from the feet to the calves. Swelling can also be made worse by the presence of varicose veins.

However, if the swelling you experience occurs almost all over your body and is accompanied by itching, it is also necessary to consider other possible causes of swelling and itching, such as allergies, hypertension, impaired heart function, impaired liver and bile function, kidney disorders, thyroid gland disorders, and etc.

You should immediately go to an obstetrician for further evaluation, not only through a physical examination, but also blood tests, urine tests, ultrasound, and so on. That way, it can be determined whether there are dangerous conditions that need special handling.

In the meantime, you can do the following tips first:

Avoid sucking or biting your lips excessively, especially forcibly exfoliating them. Apply honey on dry lips to maintain moisture. Drink enough. Also eat plenty of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C. Eat healthy and nutritious foods. Avoid exposure to dry air or pollution. excessive Never use lip care products carelessly Actively move, don't stay still Take a shower regularly 2x a day then wear clean and soft clothes Avoid stress Hope this helps..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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