The Body Is Tingling And Numb If You Are Angry Or Sad?

Illustration of The Body Is Tingling And Numb If You Are Angry Or Sad?
Illustration: The Body Is Tingling And Numb If You Are Angry Or Sad?

Hello. I am 28th woman. When I get angry / sad my body feels like pins and needles all over my body and it even feels like cramps (numbness and stiffness) so that my tongue can’t move. I wonder why?

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Hello, thanks for asking.

The sensation of pins and needles in medical terms is called paresthesia. Paresthesia can occur due to various conditions such as lack of electrolytes, lack of vitamin B12, disorders of the peripheral nerves, poor blood circulation, or more severe nerve function disorders such as stroke, can also occur in metabolic diseases such as diabetes.

However, it should also be noted that paresthesias are sometimes experienced by people in a state of total anxiety or panic attacks. In this psychological condition, blood pressure and heart rate tend to increase, blood vessels contract, breathing increases. The things mentioned above, including when a person experiences a severe surge of emotions, can reduce blood flow to peripheral body parts such as the skin and fingertips or blood flow to the digestive system. If blood flow to the area is not good, cold can arise, cold sweat, stiffness, numbness, tingling, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, difficulty breathing, or want to faint.

To look for certainty the cause of the symptoms you feel, it's good to consult directly with your doctor. So the doctor can screen the possibility of electrolyte disturbances or nerve disorders. Meanwhile, before consulting a doctor, you can try to control your emotions by relaxing meditation, pray more, control breathing by breathing deeply and regularly when the emotions are feeling unstable, try to look for positive activities, and give yourself time to rest for a moment from bustle.

If symptoms persist, you should contact a doctor immediately.

Hope this answer helps. Regards.

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