The Body Often Itches To Swelling In Children Aged 7 Years?

sorry mw ask my child who is 7 years old recently, often the swelling is swollen and the head is itchy but I don’t know what the allergy is, how do I do it, don’t know what allergies are

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Hello Irwan,

Swelling of the skin accompanied by itching can indeed be caused by an allergic reaction. Allergies occur when the body misrepresents a trigger that is actually harmless but deems dangerous by the body. This condition will trigger the body to produce IgE and histamine resulting in allergic complaints such as swelling, itching, sneezing, watery eyes, coughing, runny nose, or diarrhea. Management of allergies in general with antihistamines, if necessary, add corticosteroids and adrenaline or epinephrine injection if a severe allergic reaction occurs.

There are many triggers for allergies such as food allergies, cold weather, mites, pollen, dust, contact chemicals such as shampoo, hair lotion, soap. It is advisable for patients to pay attention to any time an allergic reaction recurs to narrow the possibility of triggering an allergy. However, to make sure allergy triggers need further tests such as allergy tests.

Allergies can manifest as uriticaria / hives, contact dermatitis, eczema, to more severe ones such as anaphylactic shock (decreased consciousness, shortness of breath). Swelling and itching on the head apart from allergic reactions can also be caused by insect and lice bites, angioedema, skin inflammation due to scratching too hard, bacterial infections, ulcers, and folliculitis.

For now you can do the following tips:

Pay attention whenever swelling and itching appear Avoid triggering swelling and itching Provide hypoallergenic shampoo for children Minimize the use of chemicals on the child's head and hair If itching, cold compresses (unless itching is triggered due to cold allergies) Keep your scalp clean by shampooing every 2 days , if it is very dirty or oily, you can wash it every day Try to keep the child from scratching the itchy part and from touching the head too often If it often recurs or causes injury, you should check your child with a dermatologist so that further tests can be done to make sure cause of complaints in the head if necessary, skin scrapings and allergy tests are done according to the doctor's suspicion. Then your child can be given proper treatment.

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