The Body Often Sweats And Sticks After Bathing?

Illustration of The Body Often Sweats And Sticks After Bathing?
Illustration: The Body Often Sweats And Sticks After Bathing?

Good night .. Why if after bathing often I sweat and my body gets sticky, please advise, thank you …

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Sweat is a normal body mechanism for maintaining fluid balance and body temperature. In addition, human skin also always produces sweat to maintain skin moisture and skin acidity to prevent skin damage and the growth of bacteria and fungi.

In certain conditions, such as at room temperature (weather) heat, and when doing activities or sports, more sweat is produced so that body temperature can be maintained (sweat will take heat from the body when it evaporates). In a state of fear, shock, or anxiety, the body activates the autonomic nervous system, which can also cause increased sweat production.

In addition, excessive sweating can also occur in several conditions or diseases, such as:

Hyperhidrosis Hyperthyroidism Anxiety disorders Hypoglycemia diabetic Malaria Heart attack Normally, if there are no specific conditions during or after bathing, it should not cause excessive sweating. If you experience this symptom often, and especially if you feel it at times that normally do not cause excessive sweating (not doing certain physical activities, shock, fear, or hot weather), do not hesitate to consult a doctor for further examination. and if necessary, appropriate handling is given.

Thus information from me, hopefully can help.

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