The Boy Has A Bead In His Nose?

Illustration of The Boy Has A Bead In His Nose?
Illustration: The Boy Has A Bead In His Nose?

Yesterday my child put a bead in the nose. I continued to bring it to the emergency room. When in the emergency room the bead was still visible in the nose. And maybe the process of taking too much pressure from the nurse. to the respiratory tract / digestion. what symptoms arise if it enters the respiratory tract and how long the symptoms appear. I was so worried that I could not sleep. I don’t know what to do. it means going into breathing. please guide and advise the doctor. this time my child is still agile … and as usual.

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Hello Nasri, thank you for asking to

Let me introduce myself, Dr. Rio will try to answer your questions.

Regarding the complaint you are telling, it is true that the beads are likely to enter the respiratory tract, or enter the digestive tract. This can be referred to as corpus allienum or a foreign body in the body.

Complaints that will arise actually depend on the type and size of the incoming object. As explained by your ENT doctor, if the beads enter the respiratory tract, the complaint that will arise is a complaint of the respiratory tract, especially if the beads reach the bronchi, automatically there will be additional breath sounds like ngik ". Conversely, if the beads enter the respiratory tract digestive tract, considering that this is a small, plastic-based bead that will not cause significant complaints to the digestive system, but complaints that can occur are heartburn, pain during bowel movements, diarrhea, etc. To find out for sure you need to examine every child's stool Make sure the bead is completely out of the stool.

For now you don't need to worry too much and think too much about your child's condition. If your child falls into a serious condition, it will not be possible for the child to still be active as before, all you have to do now is to calm down while continuing to monitor your child. The advice I give if in 2-7 days the beads cannot be found, consult your child again to the doctor. Some checks can be done such as abdominal ultrasound, x-rays, etc.

Right now what you can do is:

 Increase fiber consumption in your child, if he is older than 6 months or the age of exclusive breastfeeding. Inadequate your child's daily fluids. Ask your child to get enough rest. Monitor the chapter. That's all the answers I can give.

Thank you very much :)

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