The Breast Feels Heavy Postoperatively

Good evening, doc. One year ago I underwent breast surgery due to a blockage of breast milk, the laboratory results in the liquid were good, did not indicate a tumor or the like, indeed only the milk was blocked. But now I feel the breast that has been operated on (right) is heavier than the left breast, why is that, huh? Explanation please. thank you

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Good evening, thanks for asking at Complaints of the breast one heavier than the other can occur due to various things, could be due to the return of breast milk produced due to hormonal imbalances, could be due to accumulation of pus due to infection, or it could be due to abnormal growth of tissue in the breast. Unfortunately all these possibilities are not possible without direct examination.

Normally, we would encourage you to go directly to the surgeon to be assessed through supporting examinations such as mammography of what is behind your breast. Because if there is indeed a growth of abrnomal tissue it will definitely be seen through the examination. However, because Indonesia is suffering from a corona outbreak and its best advice is to limit activities outside the home, especially around hospitals, health centers or clinics, try to reassess your complaint.

If it is just a feeling, in the sense that there is no pain, redness or other disorders, it's better at home first, and handle complaints by compressing your breast warm. But if it is already disturbing, there is pain, felt warm, pain or something else, then it is no problem to immediately see a doctor while still obeying the rules at the hospital. So, hopefully answering your question.

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