The Breasts Do Not Feel Painful When You Are 3 Months Pregnant?

Illustration of The Breasts Do Not Feel Painful When You Are 3 Months Pregnant?
Illustration: The Breasts Do Not Feel Painful When You Are 3 Months Pregnant?

I am a woman aged 24 years and currently 3 months pregnant running. Currently my breasts are not too painful, they are not tight (limp), my butt is not big, and I am not sensitive to good smells. Unlike during early pregnancy. Did I have a miscarriage? Or is there another cause?

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Hi Winda,

Thank you for asking

It needs to be clarified beforehand, have you confirmed your pregnancy through an ultrasound examination to an obstetrician? So, have you ever experienced signs of a miscarriage, such as profuse bleeding and clots from the birth canal accompanied by severe abdominal cramps?

Pregnancy can be detected through several signs. In the medical realm, these pregnancy signs are classified into 3, namely:

Signs may be: dizziness, nausea, weakness, sore and swollen breasts, more sensitive to odors, tiredness easily, mood swings, frequent urination, difficulty defecating, no menstruation Uncertain signs: positive testpack results Definite signs: looks sac of pregnancy or the skeleton of the fetus in the uterus through an ultrasound examination. If you have previously confirmed your pregnancy to an obstetrician and underwent an ultrasound, then no signs may appear that you are currently pregnant does not necessarily indicate that you had a miscarriage. In general, this sign of pregnancy may feel dominant in the first trimester of pregnancy (less than 12-20 weeks) due to unstable hormonal conditions. Along with increasing gestational age accompanied by the mother's adaptation process, the normal complaints will indeed improve nearing the second trimester.

However, it is different if you feel that you have experienced signs of miscarriage (as mentioned above) during your pregnancy. If this is the kind of condition you are experiencing, then it could be that what you are experiencing is a miscarriage. You need to have your complaint checked directly with a gynecologist so that it can be re-evaluated via ultrasound. If it is true that the miscarriage is true, then the treatment that will be given will vary, starting from just observation, administering drugs, or even curettage.

Meanwhile, if you have never confirmed that you are pregnant, by undergoing an ultrasound examination to a gynecologist, then you may not actually be pregnant. Women who are not pregnant can also experience various symptoms that resemble signs of pregnancy, for example due to hormonal changes just before menstruation, when experiencing viral or bacterial infections, psychosomatic disorders, ovarian cysts, and so on.

Therefore, our advice is that you should have your condition checked directly to a gynecologist.

I hope this helps.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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