The Cause Appears Bruising In The Abdomen After Ectopic Pregnancy Surgery?

Illustration of The Cause Appears Bruising In The Abdomen After Ectopic Pregnancy Surgery?
Illustration: The Cause Appears Bruising In The Abdomen After Ectopic Pregnancy Surgery?

Is it normal to have bruises in the stomach after ket surgery? I was on the 14th and was allowed to go home on the 17th. And one more thing, after being taken off the infusion, my body seemed to swell up, spots appeared u0026sup2; red on the skin and feels very itchy at all. Is it true that allergy can infusion? The thing is there are 2 kinds of special infusions that are put into the first small glass bottle feels very cold and a small plastic infusion that feels very painful until now the right hand in the infusion I feel very sore. thanks.

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Hello Keny,

Thank you for the question.

Surgery interrupted ectopic pregnancy can be done with several procedures, namely laparotomy and laparoscopic. Postoperatively, bruising can naturally be caused by residual postoperative inflammation, but it may not, for example due to secondary infection of the surgical scar, bleeding disorders, or also some other disease.

Swelling, red spots, and itching that you experience after infusion can indeed indicate an allergic reaction. This allergy can occur because of the liquid or drug that is inserted into the infusion, or also because of other substances. In addition to allergies, your complaints may also be caused by skin infections, insect bites, liver disorders, kidney disorders, and many other diseases. The sore on the hand that used infusion most often indicates phlebitis, which is inflammation of the veins. It could also, this sore arises because of reasonable muscle cramps, or also other medical conditions, such as nerve disorders, infections, metabolic disorders, psychological disorders, and so on.

So that your condition is clearly the cause, we recommend that you go to see your doctor again. That way, the doctor can certainly give you the best treatment according to the cause, including also referring you to the right specialist doctor (for example a surgeon, internist, or dermatologist) if necessary.

In the meantime, you need to try first:

 Compress ice cubes on bruised abdominal areas Warm compresses on your aching hands Avoid first excessive physical activity, especially those that involve contraction of abdominal muscles, such as lifting heavy weights, running around, jumping. Keep your scars clean and dry Avoid contact with substances that might make you allergic Expand drink warm water Expand also rest and live a healthy lifestyle Hopefully it helps yes ..

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