The Cause At The Edge Of The Cornea Of ​​a 2-year-old Child’s Eye Is Black Patches?

my child is 2 and a half years old .. Suddenly the edge of the cornea has black spots like the trz glint underneath is somewhat red, I think the eyes hurt trz I give eye medicine to the baby .. N it turns out there are black spots or not I am trying to pull off the spots but tp it it turns out that it doesn’t work, it changes in there. I guess that’s why z ??

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Hi Mumun,

There are various things that can cause black spots around the eyes, including these:

Foreign objects, if present in vitreous or aqueous (in the eye chambers or glass bodies) can appear as floaters

As a result of congenital conditions
As a result of coloboma, coloboma is a hole in the structure of the eye. When exposed to the iris area can cause black holes around the iris / cornea

The conditions above can be harmless, however, because children cannot provide information or complaints they feel, I strongly recommend that you check your child with a pediatrician or ophthalmologist to ensure the condition that your child is experiencing. You should also avoid handling on your own because the eye is a sensitive structure and prevents worsening from happening.

Your doctor will ask for a history of your child's complaints and it is generally only enough to have a physical examination or using an ophthalmologist (ophthalmoscope). If the complaint is caused by a foreign object, then a foreign object can be extracted. If it is caused by coloboma, operative treatment can be done to overcome it.

May be useful,

dr. Budiono

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