The Cause Can Feel Real Something That Happens To Other People?

Illustration of The Cause Can Feel Real Something That Happens To Other People?
Illustration: The Cause Can Feel Real Something That Happens To Other People?

I am a vocational high school student and now is the last school year, I have a strange nature where if I see something painful or sad I feel like I can feel what he feels for example is when my parents are sick I also feel pain exactly the same as what He felt and on the other hand, if I have a friend with a bad mood or happy I will be like him too. There are some cases that make me a little annoyed, that is, if I see or hear something, I will reflect on it as if I experienced it directly or feel the real pain and it makes me bullied at school because they know what is happening to me, like they give a sadistic nuanced video or they give a story that makes me imagine it spontaneously and feel it. Am I experiencing psychological disorders? but sometimes this helps me to get things done because I can describe it directly in my brain 🙁 but I am disturbed by my friend’s behavior which makes me a little upset

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking at The condition you are experiencing is most likely not a form of disorder, but can be just a sign that you have a great sense of empathy and imagination. This can actually be advantages, or disadvantages depending on where you look.

Because when you are offered a sadistic video, the person who is treated sadistically is the person in the video, not you. So it's impossible for you to feel the pain unless you really empathize and put yourself in that position. There is no way for the body to cause that unpleasant sensation, apart from your supposition. Another example that is more extreme but more often we find there are people who are hypnotized. Those who are hypnotized, can be implanted various assumptions, such as feeling that his legs are paralyzed, sticky and can not move, so that it can feel pain, for example, if the hypnotist taps his ballpoint pen on the table. Those who are hypnotized have no abnormalities, but are brought to a certain brain condition where their imagination and empathy abilities are enhanced.

So what you need to do is convince yourself that you don't have to share everything you see. This is sometimes easier said than done, but with practice, you can control yourself. What is important, you do not need to consider yourself an abnormality, because it's natural that someone suddenly feels like a painful ache if he imagines there are nails scratching the blackboard.

In addition, we mentioned at the outset that this could be an advantage depending on your perspective. Those who have a strong imagination and empathy can take advantage of these qualities by putting them in the form of stories. They can make stories that have strong emotions because they are good at putting themselves in other people's conditions. They can also be motivators, psychologists or other professions who need themselves to empathize with people in front of them, instead of seeing things like material and profit and loss.

So again, don't consider yourself having a disorder. Distracting friends are natural, because they are entertained with you. If you are disturbed, you can report to the teacher but don't lower yourself. Look on the bright side, and start optimizing your potential. So, hopefully answering your question.

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