The Cause Can Only Sleep For A While Then Suddenly Woke Up And Could Not Sleep Anymore?

Illustration of The Cause Can Only Sleep For A While Then Suddenly Woke Up And Could Not Sleep Anymore?
Illustration: The Cause Can Only Sleep For A While Then Suddenly Woke Up And Could Not Sleep Anymore?

, why well when sleeping (night) often and almost always wake up in the middle of the night, even though the sleep is only about 1-2 hours and after that can not sleep again until morning, and if you fall asleep again surely sleep can be very long and sometimes the body feels like numbness and aching every time I wake up, as a result I am forced to follow the body to always sleep past 12, even though my body feels healthy during the day and not in a condition to consume drugs. Is this a symptom of stress or is it caused by something else?

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Sleep is a physiological activity of the body that is routine and needed by every human being. Human sleep needs every day are in the range of 7-8 hours per day, and sleep activities are carried out at night.
In certain conditions, sometimes a person has a sleep disorder that interferes with his sleep needs, so that it can affect the condition of the body and daily activities, whether the body feels weak, headaches, easy emotional, or unable to focus on working or thinking.
Some sleep disorders that are often experienced and often encountered can be disturbances that are difficult to start sleeping, waking up during sleep and difficult to start sleeping again, breathing problems during sleep, unable to sleep, sleeping too long, or disturbance of sleep rhythm and wake up random / non-routine.
In connection with your question, having a sleep disorder and waking up after a few hours but not being able to sleep again is one of the symptoms of insomnia. Patients with insomnia will be able to experience sleep disturbances in the form of difficulty starting to sleep, difficulty staying asleep at night (thus waking up), or waking up too early outside the normal range. These things in general can cause complaints on your body, so you can feel the body feels weak, concentration disturbances, decreased work performance, bad mood, drowsiness easily during the day, aggressive, at risk of causing accidents when on the move.
Some mild cases can occur once in one or several weeks, but if the incidence of insomnia occurs 3 times or more in one week, it is necessary to know the cause and need to be treated properly.
Some of the causes of insomnia can be triggered by:
1. stress or anxiety
2. depression
3. other sleep disorders
4. work or change shift hours
5. wrong sleep habits
6. the use of illegal drugs or drug abuse, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs
7. health problems, such as fever, cough
8. environmental factors, such as temperature, or the comfort of your sleeping environment
Therefore, it is important that you evaluate the above risk factors, and control or avoid these risk factors, so that you can prevent the recurrence of insomnia complaints. So if indeed you feel the stress that you are experiencing right now or the last few days or weeks, then you should start looking for the causes of stress and find solutions to this stress.
And if this complaint is bothering you, you should start consulting with a neurologist or mental health specialist so that the doctor can do a direct physical examination and make sure there are no other illnesses that accompany it. Thus, the results of the examination will be the basis of handling and care for you.
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