The Cause Every Morning Headaches Around The Left Eye Like Being Stabbed?

. I am 16 years old. I have had headaches for the past few days around my left eye. The pain was like being stabbed and the symptoms appeared every morning around 7 and the pain disappeared 2/3 hours after that. Why is that?

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Good evening, thanks for asking at The conditions that you experience can occur due to various things, including:

Impact on eyes
Infection or inflammation of the eye

Migraine or headaches
Trigeminal neuralgia

To ensure this, we suggest that you consult your doctor, may be a general practitioner and may go directly to an ophthalmologist. This is important because history and direct examination are needed, such as measuring the pressure of the eyeball to narrow the possibility and determine the best treatment.

Meanwhile, you can try to compress the area of ​​pain, rest your eyes by not too long in front of the screen, adjust the brightness of your monitor screen so it does not hurt the eyes, and immediately consult a doctor. So, hopefully answering your question.

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