The Cause Feels Heavy When Breathing Through The Nose Accompanied By Fever And Discomfort In The Throat

Illustration of The Cause Feels Heavy When Breathing Through The Nose Accompanied By Fever And Discomfort In The Throat
Illustration: The Cause Feels Heavy When Breathing Through The Nose Accompanied By Fever And Discomfort In The Throat

Hello doctor. I am 23 years old. I am an active smoker. The disease that I suffered at first I thought was common cold. Because I think only nasal congestion and aches u0026sup2; , usually in the respiratory section by phlegm. At first the disease began to get worse when I was resting in an air-conditioned room, the symptoms that caused a little difficulty breathing through the nose (except through the mouth), fever, and discomfort in the throat. Basically the disease that I suffered did not cause itching pain in a throat that causes cough or flu in general, does not also cause pain or pain in the chest. Just feel a little hard to breathe. Because there is something like mucus that holds in the respiratory cavity. Please explain, is it a sinus, or a polyp? And how to handle it

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Complaints of shortness of breath or heavy breathing when breathing through the nose which was also previously accompanied by complaints of fever and discomfort in your throat, may be triggered by inflammation of the throat or smoking habits that you live so far, especially if you are still smoking while this complaint is still You feel.

With regard to Corona infection alertness in Indonesia and if you are currently in a local transmission area of ​​Corona infection or have traveled to an area at risk of Corona infection or have been in contact with a patient with a suspected Corona infection or have been in contact with a positive Corona patient, then you should make contact go directly to Hot line 119 or visit the provincial hospital or your city government hospital directly. So, there are complaints of fever more than 38 degrees Celsius, shortness when breathing through the nose, runny nose / throat uncomfortable or maybe even a cough complaint, and there may be a history of contact or traveling, the authorized doctor or local health department will ascertain the cause of your complaint feel it.

However, if all the accompanying symptoms of Covid-19 infection are absent and do not encounter risk factors in the form of a contact or traveling history, then this complaint is likely a comorbid complication of strep throat. Patients with strep throat can experience complaints in the form of lumps, sore throats, coughs, scales, colds, nasal congestion, fever, until decreased appetite and headaches. The presence of nasal congestion or runny nose can indeed trigger complaints of uncomfortable breathing. If your breathing is not comfortable, it can cause stinging complaints in your nasal area and may interfere with your activities. You can do an optimal recovery with several attempts, such as:

 Stop smoking Avoid staying up late Avoid any activities until you recover and recover Stay at home even if you are not infected with Viris Covid-19, while also restoring your health and avoiding contact with other people during your illness Avoid spicy foods, instant foods, deep foods oily, or bottled drinks Get used to wash your hands and use a mask even at home while you are still sick. If in two days your complaint does not improve or is still disturbing, consult your doctor by telephone or online, especially during the Corona virus vigilance period, except your doctor asks that you come immediately to see you for an examination. However, if you get symptoms and risk factors for Corona virus infection, then immediately contact your local health office or Hot line 119. In connection with the possibility of this complaint leading to sinusitis or polyps, other medical possibilities for breathing complaints that stunted when breathing through the nose still needs to be considered, especially if you do have a history of the illness before. Ensuring a polyp or sinus can only be done by direct examination by a doctor, without direct examination, the doctor cannot see your nasal cavity to confirm the presence of polyps or inflammation of your sinuses. However, in general, patients with sinus inflammation can be accompanied by complaints of nasal congestion, colds, pain around the nose or headaches. Whereas in patients with polyps, lumps can be seen that appear from your nasal cavity and close your hudding cavity either completely or temporarily close. However, nasal polyps can also not be seen immediately, requiring an examination tool to see them.

Thus, all of this does require evaluation and treatment from a doctor, so discuss with your doctor regarding treatment and further treatment.

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