The Cause Hoarseness And How To Overcome Them?

Illustration of The Cause Hoarseness And How To Overcome Them?
Illustration: The Cause Hoarseness And How To Overcome Them?

Hello, I want to ask. A week ago I experienced coughing up phlegm and runny nose, but why am I only now experiencing hoarseness in the throat even though I have not coughed or runny nose, how do I deal with it? Is it dangerous or just plain hoarse? thanks.

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Hello Ersantika, thank you for asking.

Cold cough is not always accompanied by hoarseness, and vice versa. When people cough with phlegm, some mucus may stick to the vocal cords, causing hoarseness. Hoarseness that occurs without coughing or runny nose, may be caused by acute laryngitis.

Laryngitis or inflammation of the larynx, is inflammation that occurs in the respiratory tract that is located after the pharynx (throat). Inflammation of the larynx can cause the vocal cords to experience edema (swelling) so that the vibrations are disturbed. The vocal cords must vibrate to produce sound. When the vocal cords become inflamed, the vibrations are not as normal, causing the sound to change or the sound can disappear altogether. Sometimes, laryngitis can continue to be rather severe because the swollen larynx will cover the airway causing shortness of breath.

In addition, hoarseness can also be caused by:

Excessive use of sound.
Vocal cord polyps.
Scar tissue or granuloma tissue on the vocal cords.
An allergic process that causes the vocal cords to swell.
Vocal cord irritation, for example due to inhalation of certain chemicals.

You should consult with an ENT doctor. The doctor may need to do a special examination to assess the condition of your vocal cords. Treatment depends on the results of the examination. If indeed there is inflammation, the doctor will generally provide anti-inflammatory. If there are polyps or nodules, the doctor will provide input whether or not action needs to be done. In the meantime try to talk as needed. Speak normally, no need to be forced to whisper or make a high-pitched sound, because that will further aggravate laryngeal inflammation.

Thus my explanation, hopefully useful. Regards.

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