The Cause Is 2 Months Late For Men And The Results Of An Enlarged Uterus Uterus?

Illustration of The Cause Is 2 Months Late For Men And The Results Of An Enlarged Uterus Uterus?
Illustration: The Cause Is 2 Months Late For Men And The Results Of An Enlarged Uterus Uterus?

Tonight, I am a newbie here. I have been married for 1.5 years, the last menstruation on 12-15 January 2019, and until today I have not had menstruation, only pink and brown spots, said the midwife’s friend implantation bleeding. A few days ago Sempet TP 2 faint 1 line was almost invisible. Then I was determined to go to the hospital for examination and the results of an ultrasound of the uterus had been seen to be enlarged. Am I indicating pregnant or other? Thank you 🙂

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Hello, good morning Dinda ...

There are several signs and symptoms that can appear early in pregnancy, including:

menstruation late
breasts become more sensitive, feel denser and firmer
frequent urination
morning sickness or nausea
easy to feel tired
sensitive to odors
mood swings
decreased appetite
the presence of blood spots due to the process of implantation (attachment of a fertilized egg to the uterine wall)

The signs mentioned above are referred to as 'uncertain signs' of pregnancy. Called as an uncertain sign, because these signs can also occur because of other things outside of pregnancy. For example, other than as a sign of pregnancy, menstruation late can also be caused by other conditions such as: stress, weight loss dramatically, hormonal imbalances (for example due to the influence of hormonal birth control), reproductive tract diseases, and so forth.

One of the initial ways to detect pregnancy is to do a test using a test pack. This examination is better done after a late period, with a sample of the examination using the first urine in the morning (the first urine when you wake up in the morning). This test pack works by detecting the presence of pregnancy hormone (beta HCG) in the urine. At a very young gestational age, this hormone is still small in number so that sometimes only cause faint lines, or even not cause lines at all. In such conditions, the test should be repeated a few days later, because this pregnancy hormone will increasingly increase in size over time. Usually if it's really pregnant, then the densest line of pack will become clearer in the next few days.

In addition to testing the pack, another way to find out more certainty about pregnancy is to do an ultrasound. At a very young gestational age, gestational sacs can not yet be seen on ultrasound examination through the stomach (ultrasound per abdominal), so ultrasound through the vagina (trans vaginal ultrasound) is preferred, because it is able to detect gestational sacs at very young gestational age. The thickened lining of the uterus can indeed give a hint of pregnancy, but this still cannot be called a sure sign of pregnancy. A definite sign of pregnancy is if a fetus (or gestational sac) is seen and the fetal heart rate is the result of ultrasound. In addition, another sure sign of pregnancy is the perceived fetal movement, but this sign can only be felt at a greater gestational age (approximately 5 months).

Therefore, we suggest that you go back to the obstetrician to determine whether you are currently pregnant or not. Your doctor may recommend tests such as re-ultrasound examination, blood lab tests (to detect levels of pregnancy hormones in the blood), as well as urine tests to better confirm your condition. If the first pregnancy bag is not seen on an abdominal ultrasound (because of a very young gestational age), the obstetrician will usually recommend a repeat ultrasound about 2 weeks later, because it is expected that at that time the gestational age will be large enough to detect the presence of the gestational sac via ultrasound.

That's it, hopefully it can be understood and hopefully it helps ya :)

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