The Cause Is A Runny Bump Behind The Child’s Ear

Illustration of The Cause Is A Runny Bump Behind The Child’s Ear
Illustration: The Cause Is A Runny Bump Behind The Child’s Ear

Doc, I want to ask, my child was the first child at the age of not getting a year, other specified dermatitis in the back of the ear and first treated to hermina given salel medicine and the medicine I forgot because it was discarded or do not know where the doc. Now my second child is experiencing the same thing as his brother, what do you think the medicine dock is?

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Hello Yuni,

Thank you for the question.

Dermatitis is a medical term for inflammation in the skin whose triggers can vary, for example due to atopic tendencies (atopic dermatitis), contact with irritants or allergens (contact dermatitis), stress and nerve disorders (neurodermatitis), infections (infective dermatitis), seasonal changes (seasonal dermatitis), and so on. Besides being based on the cause, dermatitis is also classified based on its shape, location, time of appearance, and many other characteristics. The term other specified dermatitis is usually used by doctors to facilitate the classification and coding of diseases (according to ICD guidelines), so that it is well recorded in the medical record.

Although the symptoms can be, and even though the two are related by blood relations, the actual conditions that each of your children experience is not always the same. Therefore, the treatment given to overcome the condition can also be different.

Our advice, you do not rush to give your child medicine without first seeing a doctor. Safer, if your child has symptoms of dermatitis on his skin, you first handle with:

Wash the child cleanly, using hypoallergenic and non-irritative soap, specially formulated for sensitive-skinned children
After bathing, put a moisturizer on the child's skin
Don't over rub the child's skin
Encourage children to be diligent in washing their hands and shorten their nails regularly
Encourage children not to scratch, slough off, or give any treatment to complaints on their skin
Give the child plenty of water to drink and variety of nutritious foods, not making him allergic
Keep the child away from things that make him allergic

Mild conditions will often improve without the need for special handling, enough with the steps above. So, if your child's complaints have improved, then do not rush to see a doctor. In this way, the risk of you and your child contracting a disease, such as COVID-19, will be smaller.

If with the above efforts your child's complaint does not improve, and if a rash that appears to swell or festering, it's better to check your child directly to the doctor, pediatrician, or dermatologist so that the condition can be treated further.

I hope this helps.

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