The Cause Is Always Wanting Revenge If Hurt By Others

Illustration of The Cause Is Always Wanting Revenge If Hurt By Others
Illustration: The Cause Is Always Wanting Revenge If Hurt By Others

hello I am ririn sofi I am 19 years old I want to ask if I have a mental disorder because I often feel unsatisfied if someone hurts me, I want to always make him feel the same and I always do various ways

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Basically, a person will only be said to have a mental disorder if the person experiences significant life function disorders due to mental symptoms they have. Examples of impaired functioning of life are that the person cannot carry out their work properly, cannot go to school / study well, cannot socialize well (including cannot have friends, cannot establish close relationships with others, there is a tendency to hurt others, confine continuous self in the room, etc.), can not take good care of themselves (including there is a tendency to hurt themselves or commit suicide). If you have no impairment of life at all, then you will not be called a mental disorder.

People who hold grudges against others cannot always be said to suffer from mental disorders. If you hold a grudge until you are obsessed with revenge (and you can't work or study well because you are constantly thinking about how to get revenge) or to make you behave aggressively towards others, then that can be said to be unhealthy and in terms of this, you need to have yourself checked by a psychologist or psychiatrist for further evaluation and treatment. You can try to check yourself if indeed your symptoms are making you unable to function properly, but you should check with a psychologist or psychiatrist until the pandemic of the corona virus is over. The doctor's examination should only be done in emergency conditions.

For now, you can try to relax, do relaxation exercises every day (such as deep breathing exercises, yoga, meditation), do exercise every day for at least 30 minutes to reduce your stress, try to divert your mind and channel your energy to the other thing is more positive than thinking about ways to get revenge.

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