The Cause Is Easily Tired And Sleepy?

Illustration of The Cause Is Easily Tired And Sleepy?
Illustration: The Cause Is Easily Tired And Sleepy?

Good night,. I am 17 years old. I am easily tired and sleepy. Even at school it’s easy to fall asleep and out of focus. Though I rarely get sick and do not have a disease. How to handle it? thanks.

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Hello Michellee, thank you for asking.

Feeling tired and sleepy generally indicates that the body needs more rest. Rest must be balanced with physical activity, especially in adolescents who are still in its infancy. In addition, some physical conditions can also cause fatigue and drowsiness. Some examples of conditions that can cause symptoms that you experience, for example:

Poor night sleep. Try to sleep at least 7-8 hours a night.
Sleep quality is not good. This may be caused by psychological stress, physical fatigue that is quite heavy, an uncomfortable atmosphere, or physical conditions such as OSAS (obstructive sleep apneu syndrome).
Moderate or severe anemia. This causes the brain to not get enough oxygen and glucose, so its function decreases.
The effect of certain drugs.

Of course there are still other possibilities. This can only be known if you consult a doctor. The doctor may recommend that you do a thorough medical check-up, so that the doctor can estimate the direction of the cause. You can start trying to improve your rest patterns. Recognize whether you have stress factors and use relaxation methods to reduce stress. Do moderate intensity exercise, several times a week. Exercise can trigger the release of hormones that are good for growth and can improve your sleep quality. Avoid excessive diet, drink 2 L of water per day, choose healthy eating patterns, and avoid excessive consumption of caffeine.

Hopefully you can find the right solution soon. Regards.

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