The Cause Is Easy To Forget And Difficult To Concentrate?

Illustration of The Cause Is Easy To Forget And Difficult To Concentrate?
Illustration: The Cause Is Easy To Forget And Difficult To Concentrate?

Hello … my activity every day makes lottery number predictions, my brain is constantly using that to calculate lottery number predictions with a mathematical formula. Lately there have been changes in me, so I quickly forget that it is hard to concentrate, often when I want to go home, the house is often passed when I walk. My body is here but my mind is somewhere else. Am I a depressed person?

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Hello Dhyta, thank you for asking

Let me introduce myself, Dr. Rio will try to answer your question.

The symptoms that you tell can occur when someone experiences stress. Stress is the response that arises when experiencing pressure, threats, or a change. Stress is very natural experienced by everyone. But when can it be said as a nuisance.

Prolonged stress that causes disruption in daily activities needs to be watched out because it can lead you to other psychiatric illnesses. The symptoms of stress itself are very diverse here are some things that can be influenced by these stress conditions, emotional symptoms (often angry, angry, moody, upset, frustrated, confusion, etc.), physical symptoms (dizziness, weakness, nausea, difficult bowel movements, palpitations, breakouts , not menstruation in women), cognitive symptoms (forgetfulness, difficulty concentrating, difficulty making decisions, etc.), behavioral symptoms (not eating, difficult to sleep).

From some of the symptoms above are usually mild and brief. Complaints will disappear if the burden of the mind decreases. Stess conditions can be influenced by several things such as heavy work pressure, squabbling, childlessness, etc. Most problems are related to social and economic problems. However, some symptomatic conditions will worsen and stay very long, that's when you should see a psychiatrist to seek help.

Stress is different from depression, depression is a mood disorder / mood, which is characterized by feelings of sadness and indifference that lasts continuously for at least 2 weeks. Symptoms are actually similar to stress, but with a more severe degree, in conditions of severe depression can even be life-threatening, because patients can think about ending life.

Immediately visit a psychiatrist if your complaint is very disturbing, and before your condition falls into a state of depression. The doctor will accompany you during the recovery period. Treatment that can be given is in stress conditions usually do not need drugs, psychotherapy is the main choice in this condition. Doctors will try to instill positive thoughts and views on a matter.

Right now what you can do is:

 Tell the problem you are experiencing to people you trust, share the problem to alleviate you. Always have positive thoughts. Perform positive activities (such as exercising, attending religious events) Use relaxation techniques (meditation, aromatherapy, or yoga) can allegedly ease the mind. Take a break from your work, and relax. Ask for assistance during the treatment period to the people closest to you. So the answers that I can give hopefully answer.

Thank you :)

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