The Cause Is Easy To Forget At The Age Of 22 Years?

Illustration of The Cause Is Easy To Forget At The Age Of 22 Years?
Illustration: The Cause Is Easy To Forget At The Age Of 22 Years?

Hello. I want to ask. I am 22 years old but often forget, why?

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The brain is the central nervous system in the human body that has many functions to maintain the function of organ systems in survival. Some of the role of the brain in the human body, among others, as a center for decision making, cognitive function, giving signals to the organ system, hormones in order to function to maintain life, and as a center of one's memory.

A decline in cognitive function and memory of a person generally occurs when an elderly person. Can also be called a condition of dementia. This condition can be caused by degeneration of brain cell function due to age, Alzheimer's disease, vascular diseases such as stroke, or genetic abnormalities in brain tissue. However, the condition of forgetting can often be caused by lack of awareness in carrying out activities so that it is often felt that they forget what they have just done, what they want to do, or forget where to place their belongings.

There are several ways that can help you improve your memory and awareness, including:

Ensuring a balanced diet, rich in fiber and omega-3. Avoid consumption of alcoholic drinks. Perform a healthy lifestyle by doing activities / regular exercise. Doing "brain exercise" by doing activities that stimulate thinking such as crosswords, sudoku. Increase awareness when doing work, if necessary use the habit of taking notes by making to-do lists, as well as creating habits for placing items in certain positions. Actively socializing with friends, family. Get into the habit of doing things with insight and concentration, completing tasks with a focus on priorities and getting done one by one. If you still find it difficult to remember, or the symptoms of forgetfulness get worse, it is advisable to consult a doctor or neurologist regarding further examination and management. It is not recommended to take self-medication without doctor's instructions, to conduct a balanced lifestyle, activities, eating, and rest.

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