The Cause Is Happy To Smell The Soap And Then Lick It?

Illustration of The Cause Is Happy To Smell The Soap And Then Lick It?
Illustration: The Cause Is Happy To Smell The Soap And Then Lick It?

Hello, I want to ask why I love to smell soap, sometimes I also lick it. Secondly, there is a friend of mine who invites me to rival in my studies or academics. Thank God, my academics are always above him for 2 years in this school. I am different I am often emotional, often angry thinking I have to keep my position, I also have excessive fear I also hate that person, I really want him to move out of my life, as long as I live I only once felt like this, I used to People who are patient if my score is not 100 I sincerely I think this is God’s way so that I am even better, but now as if everything is different I always want to get 100 if I don’t get it I cry, I also think this is all because of my friends who consider me a rival but before that I was not like this, I was confused how I changed myself to be sep meaning first

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Wa alaikumsalam, thank you for asking at We understand your feelings. For starters, your passion for breathing soap and licking it may be a form of eating disorder and one example is pika. Pika is a condition when a person consumes food that has no nutritional value at all, such as soap, sand, detergent, hair, soil, and other things that should not be eaten.

The cause of this condition is still unclear, although some link it to certain nutritional deficiencies such as lack of iron and zinc, and its relation to other mental disorders such as schizophrenia and OCD. In your case, you did not eat it, but so far, that is the closest possibility. If you have undergone an examination later, the possibility may change. If indeed diagnosed with pica, the treatment will be adjusted to the possible causes. And if it is not found, there may be behavior therapy.

Then for your second case, this is indeed a condition that is quite often encountered in daily life, and is actually one form of perspective that is not quite right. Such conditions are often encountered initially from parents who pressure their children to be the best, forcing them to learn and perform according to academic standards, and punish them or embarrass them if they do not achieve this as if bad grades are something that is despised.

This will make a child grow up as someone who holds that academic values ​​and status are everything, and starts comparing people based on academic values ​​and status as well. This can make the person depressed, regardless of whether in the end he can meet the standards he made himself or not. In your situation, we do not know if you have ever experienced the same thing with your parents, which is clear that your interest in competing has had the same effect and journey.

In reacting, further investigation is still needed to find out what causes you to hate him so much, and what he has done to be able to change yourself, from a person who is so sincere, to be very competitive and very hate him. You also need to find out whether your competitive behavior only applies to your competition in itself, or it also applies to other things, elsewhere in the organization and so on. If indeed everything is centered on him, then the form of psychotherapy will be to focus on ways to give up all mistakes and see the reason he did whatever he did in the past. But if in fact it is only one object, and basically you do have aggressive and commopetitive behavior, then the approach will be different again.

For more details, check yourself with a psychologist or psychiatrist, because it takes an in-depth interview to really understand and understand you. Only then will the tendency be discovered, and perhaps behavioral therapy, supportive psychotherapy or hypnotherapy will be used to restore your attitude to normal.

Meanwhile, reflect on what actually brings satisfaction to you. Do you think being above it is satisfaction, or praise when you get good grades. Recognize what is becoming 'addictive' to yourself so that you are motivated to continue to maintain your attitude now, and try to gradually understand that happiness is broad, and your current attitude can actually destroy you in future social life. It may be difficult to give up values, but start by realizing that values ​​are not everything, and that the most important thing is your efforts, and real happiness, not only values ​​on paper. So, hopefully answering your question.

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