The Cause Is Not Menstruation After Using KB 1 Injection 1 Month?

Doctor, I want to ask. I started injecting 1 month ago February 8 km. And after the second kb want to go to the 3rd I got my period. 2 months I get my period smoothly last month and finishes at the beginning of the month. I last menstruated on April 26, finished on May 5, then. Then on May 6, I was a midwife. And finally I can’t get my period. Is that reasonable. And if I miss my period, can I say I’m pregnant … ?? Whereas on June 4, I will inject 1 month by doctor. Thank you

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Contraception is a device used to prevent or delay pregnancy. There are two types of injectable birth control injections that are commonly used, namely one-month KB injections that contain a combination of progestin and estrogen hormones, and 3-month KB injections that only contain progestin hormones.

The use of KB injection for 1 month can have side effects such as:

Menstrual cycle disorders that make menstruation irregular, no menstruation at all, menstruation becomes less or more, until bleeding / spots outside the menstrual cycle
Pain or pain in the head and breast
Increase in body weight
The possibility of bone mineral density decreases
It takes several months to return to fertility

There are also several other medical conditions that can cause menstrual disorders such as ovarian syndrome (PCOS), disorders of the thyroid gland, excessive stress, or other hormonal disorders.

You should be advised to consult with your doctor or obstetrician for further examination of your condition. Contraception can not make someone 100% not pregnant, there can still be a small possibility for pregnancy to occur. So to be able to ascertain whether a pregnancy occurs then a pregnancy test should be done about 1 week after a late period from the scheduled menstruation should be and you can also pay attention to the signs and symptoms of pregnancy.

Hopefully this information can be useful for you.

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