The Cause Is Often Depressed To Despair?

Illustration of The Cause Is Often Depressed To Despair?
Illustration: The Cause Is Often Depressed To Despair?

Afternoon, I want to know about what happened to me. Lately I often feel depressed when asked about assignments given from school and usually I can feel very happy then I will feel very anxious, hopeless and have thoughts of suicide. What I am experiencing, please answer. thank you

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Good evening, thanks for asking at The subject of mental disorders is indeed a complicated matter. One of them is because sometimes it is difficult for ordinary people to distinguish whether the conditions they are experiencing are still in the normal category, or whether they are already in a state of mental disorders that need special handling.

In response to this, there is actually a simple way that can be applied, that is, if the feeling that you are experiencing has disturbed your daily life and those around you, then that possibility is already included in the category of mental disorders. An example is depression. Lay people often misunderstand between sadness and depression. Sad people may still be able to work, socialize, and carry out their daily functions well. But people who are depressed, he may no longer be able to do his job, lazy to socialize, lazy to eat, lazy to take care of themselves, lazy to do something he once liked, and may not want to talk at all.

Therefore in your case, our advice should you consult your problem directly with a psychologist or psychiatrist, because what you experience is still not necessarily a mental disorder. Facing daily activities that are preoccupied with tasks and various other responsibilities is something that we often encounter in daily life and almost every person encounters at some time in his life. But indeed not everyone has the same response in dealing with it. By going directly to a psychologist or psychiatrist, things that are still ambiguous can be clarified with in-depth interviews and certain tests, and only then will it be known whether you have a particular mental disorder or not, and what is the best treatment.

In the meantime, try to calm yourself, and find out what is your pleasure as your escape from boredom, of course, that does not violate laws, customs and religious norms. Find someone where you can tell and share, and most importantly be honest about what you feel. If indeed you feel tired, and burdened, say so. That way you can feel more loose and relieved. So, hopefully answering your question.

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