The Cause Is Often Excessive Thirst, Fatigue And Weight Loss Dramatically?

Illustration of The Cause Is Often Excessive Thirst, Fatigue And Weight Loss Dramatically?
Illustration: The Cause Is Often Excessive Thirst, Fatigue And Weight Loss Dramatically?

Hello. I’m Purba. For the last few months up to now I have often been thirsty excessively, easily fatigued, and weight dropped dramatically even though eating has been added portions. I thought I might have diabetes symptoms. When I consult a doctor and a blood sugar test, the first doctor is 89, the second doctor is 88, the third doctor is 86 (all after fasting.

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Good evening Purba, thank you for asking at We understand your feelings. Weight loss for no apparent reason can indeed occur due to diabetes, especially if there are classic symptoms such as frequent eating, drinking frequently and urinating frequently. But with the results of fasting blood sugar levels that are all below 90 and instead tend to go down, your chances of experiencing this condition are quite small.

So you need to consider other reasons for the weight loss condition that you are experiencing, including:

Frequent staying up late or lack of sleep
Increased stress levels
Increased sports intensity
Infectious tuberculosis

Hormone disorders

And many other reasons depend on the results of the examination. To be sure, check with your intern doctor or nutritionist with these weight loss complaints. Your doctor will assess whether your weight loss is considered too drastic (more than 1 kg a week) and whether there are no signs of lifestyle changes that can contribute to this. If so, further tests will be determined to detect the possibility of the disease.

Meanwhile, there is no need to worry too much, maintain a healthy lifestyle with regular breaks, regular exercise, avoid smoking, multiply the consumption of nutritious foods such as vegetables and fruit, and immediately consult your problem. So, hopefully answering your question.

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