The Cause Is Often Hurt Yourself And Emotions That Easily Change

Illustration of The Cause Is Often Hurt Yourself And Emotions That Easily Change
Illustration: The Cause Is Often Hurt Yourself And Emotions That Easily Change

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Mental disorders vary from mild to severe. Mental disorders do not mean that your mental condition or mental illness you are seriously ill, but mental disorders lead to more health problems that affect someone feeling, thinking, behaving, and interacting with others. So that this condition can be mild to severe depending on complaints, symptoms, signs and results of examinations carried out by your doctor.

Mental disorders can be:

Drug abuse
Self harm

Related to complaints that you feel, where you often injure yourself, feel useless, attempt suicide, or feel vain, despair, then the condition is indeed a sign and symptom of one of the mental health disorders, namely the habit of injuring or hurting yourself and possibly lead to depression.

Patients with depression and self-injury will feel sadness that can disrupt their daily life, feel alone and lonely, so this affects how you deal with it, which ultimately hurt or hurt yourself might be able to give satisfaction to yourself. You can feel this levy because of pain or because you have overflowed your emotions. However, indeed, all of this should begin to be controlled by you and begin to understand yourself.

If certain problems, emotions or moods start to make you begin to feel sad, vain, alone or feel useless, then make sure you can find out what can trigger these feelings, for example, if you feel sad or alone or useless when your friends leave and you are alone, then understand, that it is all because everyone or your friend has other needs and lives to do. Likewise with you, you also do not always have to meet and gather with your friends. There are still many other things that require your mind and energy, such as studying, working to help your family or help others. Begin to understand, that if you are alone does not mean you are alone physically, but rest assured your parents' hearts, your friends still remember you as a pleasant friend.

Therefore, start identifying whatever triggers your emotions out of control. Start knowing what you need to do next when meeting him. Thus, the desire to hurt yourself or feel useless will increasingly disappear. Whenever your past ever makes you disappointed or hurt, then let go of the past that might not please or hurt yourself. Leave the disappointment to God, so that you are sincere and able to continue the journey of your life with confidence and kindness.

However, if all of your efforts have not been of any benefit, then immediately consult with a psychiatrist or psychologist to help you find solutions to everything you face. Thus, you will feel calm and better able to deal with it and not make a suicide attempt again.

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