The Cause Is Often Sudden Fainting?

hello doctor, I dessy ayu want to ask that my mother often suddenly fainted without cause. that has happened since my father died. What caused it ? how to treat so as not to faint again?

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Good evening Dessy, thank you for asking at Fainting can occur due to various causes and factors, including:

 Blood sugar levels that are too low Dehydration or lack of fluid Tiredness Psychic or strong emotional effects Chemical disorders of the body Low blood pressure Epilepsy And many other possibilities. History of this condition that occurred since your father died did not necessarily make it the cause. Even if it is related, the connection can be direct and indirect. Examples of direct links are feelings of sadness that still persist, or stress that has accumulated because they have to go through the days without a husband. The stress then triggers fainting. Examples of indirect links are due to stress, your mother has no appetite, she has less rest, her blood sugar levels are very low, then she faints.

So, there are various checks that must be done to be able to find out what really happened to your mother. Only then can the best treatment be determined, and it can be determined what must be done so that the condition does not repeat in the future. Our advice, consult your mother to an internist or neurologist to get the examination.

Meanwhile, help your mother to live a healthy lifestyle, by eating regularly, eating with highly nutritious foods, and getting enough rest. So, hopefully answering your question.

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