The Cause Of 8-month-old Babies Difficult To Fat?

Good morning my child is 8 months old milk is not breastfed at all due to certain conditions … already to the child specialist initially because of cow’s milk allergy … the milk has been changed according to doctor’s recommendation … eat it only may milk porridge which is specially allergic said doctor … not allowed to eat rice or anything before it weighs 9kg … and has also been given vitamins … but the weight is still 7kg …. last weighing November 1 2019 today November 24 2019 weighing again still weighing approximately because of what is fine or how to thank … please the solution …

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Hello Rosa1130, Thank you for the question.

Have you checked your child's condition to the child's specialist doctor again? Certain conditions can cause stunted child growth, for example:

disorders of food / drink intake for example due to inappropriate breastfeeding position, babies have abnormalities in the mouth making it difficult to breastfeed, gastric acid reflux disorders absorption of nutrients for example due to cow's milk allergy, Celiac disease, cyctic fibrosis infections such as tuberculosis congenital heart disease growth hormone disorders hormonal disorders thyroid maternal and other psychological conditions To find the cause of complaints of this growth disorder requires further examination by a doctor. Please discuss with your pediatrician who is treating your child. Your doctor may need additional tests such as blood tests to find the cause after doing a physical examination on your child. The treatment given to deal with this condition is adjusted to the medical conditions experienced by your child. In the meantime please follow the doctor's advice. Don't forget to discuss with your doctor about when your child will begin to experience weight changes after adjusting his diet.

Hopefully this information is useful.

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