The Cause Of A 1.5 Month Old Baby Feeling Nauseous?

Illustration of The Cause Of A 1.5 Month Old Baby Feeling Nauseous?
Illustration: The Cause Of A 1.5 Month Old Baby Feeling Nauseous?

Tonight I want to ask. my child is 1.5 months old. Two days he felt nauseous, I think he caught a cold, but after I rubbed the oil on the telon he still felt nauseous. When he was nauseous he must have spit on before. Then if the breath feels like it’s blocked. My question is whether my child has a sore throat or a cold. And ask for a solution

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Previously, it was necessary to pay attention to whether there were other accompanying symptoms such as complaints of fever, vomiting, loose bowel movements (diarrhea), fussiness, the baby's stomach was harder when held or the child had difficulty sleeping? Because usually complaints of nausea in babies are often accompanied by other symptoms that arise.

Some of the common causes of nauseous babies are:

The baby is too full
Gastrointestinal infection (viral, bacterial, or amoebic infection) which usually manifests as vomiting and loose stools
Increased stomach acid
Respiratory tract infections that make it difficult for the child to get rid of phlegm or clogged mucus, for example influenza or pneumonia

To find out the cause further, you should do a direct examination with a pediatrician so that you can consult and get a complete examination related to your child's complaint.

Meanwhile, some suggestions that you can do are:

Avoid giving any food other than breast milk as your child is 1.5 months old
Get enough milk by breastfeeding every 3-4 hours
If the child has a fever, continue to give breast milk and don't forget to compress the forehead and body folds such as the armpits or neck

That is the information we can convey. May be useful

dr. Winda Indriati

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