The Cause Of A 10 Month Old Baby Has Been Vomiting For Two Days?

Illustration of The Cause Of A 10 Month Old Baby Has Been Vomiting For Two Days?
Illustration: The Cause Of A 10 Month Old Baby Has Been Vomiting For Two Days?

Excuse me, sorry I want to ask my daughter who is 10 months old and at the end “It’s been 2 days she vomited. A long time after eating Uda finished she arrived ” vomited. But not often. R nWhat’s my child? Come on sick why come on just want the wind. R nThank you

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Hi Anhar27,

Thank you for asking

Need to be straightened, in the medical world there is no known term colds.

As for vomiting in infants, if it occurs naturally, not more than 3 times a day, generally it is not a dangerous condition. This vomiting can result from:

Eating or drinking too much
Running, crying, or laughing excessively

However, if the vomiting that your baby is experiencing occurs very often, or appears accompanied by other complaints, such as flatulence, hard stomach, colic, fever, cold sweat, diarrhea, constipation, weakness, fussiness, and so on, then you should be vigilant. This condition could indicate:

Digestive tract infections, can be due to viruses, bacteria, or parasites
Other viral or bacterial infections, eg tonsillopharyngitis, meningitis, encephalitis, urinary tract infections
Food intolerance or malabsorption
GERD (reflux of stomach acid into the esophagus)
Intussusception (entry of some segments of the intestine into other parts of the intestine)
Volvulus (twisted colon)
Obstructive ileus (intestinal obstruction, for example due to a tumor or hardened stool)
Appendicitis (inflammation of the appendix)
Head injury
Drug side effects
Brain tumors, and so on

What color is your baby's vomit like? How many times a day? Does your baby also have other complaints as mentioned above? Is your baby taking any medications? Is there a history of the disease that he suffered before?

We suggest that if your baby's vomiting seems very worrying, or appears accompanied by other complaints as mentioned above, you should check with a doctor or pediatrician. Usually, in mild cases, the doctor will give you some medicine first so that the vomiting subsides. However, if vomiting occurs continuously, your doctor may recommend that your baby undergo blood tests, ultrasound, X-rays, and so on.

In the meantime, you should give your child breast milk and complementary foods (complementary foods) which are healthy and of high nutritional value. Prioritize feeding soft textured foods to facilitate digestion. Limit the provision of vegetables and fruits that contain lots of gas when the baby is still vomiting a lot. Expand also give your baby drink water. Avoid breastfeeding the baby while lying down. Also avoid using pacifiers, especially those with too heavy a flow so the baby doesn't choke. Avoid your baby from consuming unhygienic food or drinks, as well as putting any unclean objects in his mouth. Finally, avoid giving drugs indiscriminately to babies without a doctor's prescription.

Hope it helps ..

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