The Cause Of A Cold Cough Is Accompanied By Fever?

Illustration of The Cause Of A Cold Cough Is Accompanied By Fever?
Illustration: The Cause Of A Cold Cough Is Accompanied By Fever?

Hello … I’m Elita. My child has been sick for almost 5 days … And has also taken treatment … And I always give medicine according to the doctor’s advice to handle it … Is the fever suffered by my child. Caused inflammation too …

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Hi Elita,

Thank you for the question.

A cold cough accompanied by a fever is the most common complaint in children, and we understand your concern as a parent. Fever that is accompanied by a cold cough is an infection of the upper airway or ispa which in most cases is caused by a viral infection, so the disease does not require special treatment and will heal by itself in about 1 week. This upper respiratory tract infection can cause inflammation of the airway structures, such as the nose and throat, causing symptoms such as coughing and runny nose.

Here are things you can do as a recommendation at home to speed healing:

 Make sure your child has plenty of rest and is sufficient to meet his nutritional and fluid needs. Give warm drinks or honey to relieve cough. Give warm water rinse with salt if sore throat. Give warm steam that has been given eucalyptus oil or menthol to children. Supporting the child's head with an extra pillow when sleeping to facilitate breathing. Continuing medication given by a doctor regularly. Hopefully this information can be useful and hopefully get well soon.


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