The Cause Of A Feeling Of Panic, Anxiety, Trembling And Sleep Is Not Sound

Illustration of The Cause Of A Feeling Of Panic, Anxiety, Trembling And Sleep Is Not Sound
Illustration: The Cause Of A Feeling Of Panic, Anxiety, Trembling And Sleep Is Not Sound

Tonight, I am a 26-year-old woman. The age for most people to get married and have a family, and begin to succeed with her career. Lately I often feel depressed thinking about my life, often panic, anxiety, trembling body, sleep soundly, mood swing and no appetite, I’m afraid to die, but it seems my life has no meaning .. Sometimes I think about suicide. I am afraid of venting with parents because my mother is a single parent who supports three of my young children. Mhon enlightenment doctor aap what should I do.

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Hello Alifanya, thank you for asking at

Reading the complaints that you are experiencing right now, those complaints are most likely related to your psychological side disorders such as:

Anxiety disorders
Panic Disorder
Bipolar disorder
Psychosomatic disorders

Due to the possibility of your current complaint related to your psychological side, it is highly recommended that you consult your complaint further with a psychiatric specialist (psychiatrist) for an evaluation of your psychiatric status, so that it can be determined whether there are certain disorders or not and what suggestions. the most appropriate therapy for your current condition.

To facilitate your consultation with a psychiatrist, you can use the chat feature with a specialist on the application so you can do it at home without the need to go to see a psychiatrist in person.

In the meantime, in addition to further consult with your doctor, you can try to:

Divert your mind, especially regarding suicide about negative things by doing other things that are more positive such as sports, meditation or do your hobby
You need to remember that your life has meaning especially to your family and also the people around you who are always there for you so that suicide is not a solution or a good thing to appreciate the attention and affection given by people around you to you
If you want to confide in, it doesn't have to be with your mother, it can be with a psychologist, psychiatrist or another friend / family member who is close enough and you trust
Keep a close eye on your health, especially at times like this
Try to re-create the life plan that you want and stick to these ideals and keep trying hard to achieve them
Don't compare your life with other people, but make the life you want as a motivation for you to try harder so you can have a life or success that exceeds the person you idolized / the life you want now

I hope this helps.

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