The Cause Of A Lump In The Left Cheek That Appears Suddenly

Illustration of The Cause Of A Lump In The Left Cheek That Appears Suddenly
Illustration: The Cause Of A Lump In The Left Cheek That Appears Suddenly

Good morning, so I want to ask, yesterday I woke up suddenly on the left cheek there was a small lump, even though it didn’t feel anything before, then there was no pain or anything either, there was still a small lump in one day, why is that? If you feel a toothache, it doesn’t feel at all, thanks

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Hello Ardi,

Thank you for the question.

The appearance of a lump on the cheek that is not painful may trigger a lot, such as skin tags, contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, hyperkeratosis, warts, acne, folliculitis, benign or malignant tumors, bitten by insects, and so on. These conditions are mild, and some are dangerous. Determining this potential hazard is not enough just to do with the basis of this brief information. First, a physical examination is needed directly by a competent doctor or dermatologist. In some cases, supporting examinations can also be carried out, such as tissue biopsy so that appropriate management can be determined.

However, responding to the outbreak of COVID-19 today, the examination to the doctor should also be postponed unless there is an emergency condition. Regarding your lump too, if its size does not enlarge quickly, do not fester, or appear painful and swollen that interfere, you should not rush to see a doctor so that your risk of contracting the disease is smaller.

Safer, do the independent handling first like:

Do not squeeze or force-pick a lump
Diligently wash your face and wash your hands to be clean
Does not give any treatment to the lump
Live a healthy lifestyle every day

After the outbreak has subsided, you can check yourself directly to the nearest health facility. You can do this check early, especially if you notice dangerous bump characteristics, as we have mentioned above.

Hope this helps ...

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