The Cause Of A Lump In The Mouth?

Illustration of The Cause Of A Lump In The Mouth?
Illustration: The Cause Of A Lump In The Mouth?

… why is this in my mouth like someone is teasing … around the tonsils on my right …. is that tonsils ?? This is why .. I’m afraid ..

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Hello. Good afternoon, Ms. Nasywa. Thank you for asking

Related to complaints experienced by Mother in the form of a lump in the right tonsil, it should be supplemented with some related information such as since when exactly the symptoms were experienced, the feeling of a lump lasted for how long, whether accompanied by difficulty swallowing. Based on complaints that you submit, there is a possibility that the diagnosis is still very broad, some of which are related, i.e.

- Inflammation of the tonsils (tonsillitis)
- tonsillary abscess

Inflammation of the tonsils is an inflammatory process in the tonsil area that is usually triggered by an infection either by a virus or bacteria or other pathogens. Symptoms experienced are usually tonsils that appear swollen, pain in the throat especially when swallowing, hoarseness, fever, cough. If it happens suddenly it is usually referred to as an acute condition associated with infection afterwards in return to smaller size before. But in some conditions there is a recurring and prolonged inflammation so it is called chronic condition usually the tonsils will remain enlarged even though it is not inflamed (not colored red) in this condition there will usually appear other symptoms such as snoring during sleep, especially supine position and waking up suddenly at night because there is a blockage in the respiratory tract in the form of enlarged tonsils.

Tonsillary abscess is an inflammation that is accompanied by a more severe infection to form a pus-filled sac in the tonsils. Often associated with infection by bacteria. Symptoms experienced are similar to tonsillitis but usually heavier like tonsils will appear very swollen to the point of shifting the lump in the middle of the mouth called the uvula to the opposite side, swallowing pain is so great that even when speaking it also feels painful so that it cannot speak with pronunciation pronunciation clear (often known as a voice when eating hot potatoes or hot potato voice)

What can be done is to observe whether the swelling is getting annoying, and can be helped to feel comfortable by eating something neutral (not too hot or too cold), avoid foods that are too greasy, multiply the consumption of water. If the condition still does not improve it is better to consult an ENT specialist for further treatment whether with medication or other options is surgery.

In conditions of difficulty breathing or swallowing, pus appears on the tonsils, shortness during sleep should be treated immediately to the emergency room.

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Thus the information we can convey. May be useful. Thank you

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