The Cause Of A Lump In The Nose When Breathing?

Illustration of The Cause Of A Lump In The Nose When Breathing?
Illustration: The Cause Of A Lump In The Nose When Breathing?

hello I want to ask, my nose feels like inflammation, when inhaling feels a bit heavy in the middle, and sometimes the head feels a little sore. there is flu but the snot is dry. I have previously checked CT scan for no sinusity, but in the part of my nose bone it is indeed slightly tilted because of congenital birth. never before like this. but it’s been almost a month since the nose feels bad like inflammation. please the solution.

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The part of the nose that is tilted or in medical terms is called a nasal septal deviation is a condition where the right and left nasal lining are not right in the middle. Some people experience this from birth, trauma, or the presence of constant nasal bleeding.

People who have allergies can experience a deviation of the nasal septum, due to allergies, making the nasal cavity experience continuous inflammation, causing changes in the cavities in the nose. Maybe those who have never experienced symptoms of nasal congestion will experience it suddenly. Allergy itself can not be cured, it can only be prevented and reduce symptoms. For example, if your nose is blocked or runny you will be given medicine for that. Preventing the occurrence of allergies, namely by one of them to maintain endurance so as not to drop.

Treatment for patients with nasal septal deviation is by giving anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic so that the nasal area that is swollen can be deflated. Because in general if you want to improve the nasal septum deviation that is by way of surgery. Symptoms of nasal septum deviation will often appear when there is inflammation that is not immediately treated, therefore my advice is to immediately check yourself with a general practitioner or ENT doctor in order to get more appropriate treatment.

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