The Cause Of A Prolonged Cough With Every Spicy Meal?

Illustration of The Cause Of A Prolonged Cough With Every Spicy Meal?
Illustration: The Cause Of A Prolonged Cough With Every Spicy Meal?

Hello, I am 18 years old. R nTB I am 155cm and I have 60kg of weight. R n Last February I wanted to lose my weight. With my enthusiasm Running during the day, eating less, not snacking. I eat 2x a day in the morning and evening with a small portion. Last April I managed to lose 6kg of my weight. But why did I even have a cough since then, before I had a fever in December 2017 for 5 hours. Previously, I didn’t understand why my cough didn’t heal. It turned out that when I started eating it turned out to be a spicy meal. Every time I eat the spicy one I have to cough. I took Konidin but it was not completely healed. So I tried to go to the midwife near the house, she said I had a spicy allergy. I stopped eating spicy food. Bronchitin Expectoran syrup. In fact, I still haven’t fully recovered. I tried again to another midwife, happened that at that time I felt my chest hurt. I was classed with 3 kinds of medicine. As long as I consume it, I feel better. Previously, when I was outside the room it was easy to catch a cold. And when I caught a cold I gradually coughed again. Indeed, as a toddler I easily caught a cold. When I joined my parents on a motorbike, only a short distance away, I immediately caught a cold. So what is my disease? Is it a dietary factor that I do or is there another disease. Can it still be cured or not. Please explore. Thank you very much.

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Hello Elis,

The cough condition for a long time is something that should get more attention. Some of the medical conditions that can cause this complaint include:

Tuberculosis or Bacterial infection in the lungs
Bronchitis, inflammation of the respiratory tract
Allergies or Asthma, generally caused by dust or cold air and there is a family history of having allergies
GERD or a disease caused by increased stomach acid

To ascertain the cause of your complaint, direct examination by competent medical personnel of your condition, namely a doctor, is required. The doctor will do an examination especially on your lung area and some additional examinations if needed. The treatment given will adjust to the underlying cause of the complaint.

Some things you can do regarding your condition:

Eat nutritious foods and get enough rest
Minimum water consumption of 2 L / day
Use a mask when outdoors

Given that your cough has been going on for a long time, it's a good idea to consult a doctor to get the earliest possible treatment and proper handling.

May be useful

dr. M. Rizki

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