The Cause Of A Small Little Holey Tongue?

Illustration of The Cause Of A Small Little Holey Tongue?
Illustration: The Cause Of A Small Little Holey Tongue?

I want to ask. What is the name of the disease if there are small holes beside the tongue that make the tongue sore and sore?

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Sprue or in medical terms referred to as Recurrent Aftosa Stomatitis (SAR), is a form of ulceration that occurs repeatedly in the oral mucosa without any signs of another disease.

Ulceration is a disruption in the lining of the oral mucosa in the form of clear concave lesions that have lost their outer skin layers. Ulcer has a shape like a crater, and can be accompanied by swelling of the surrounding tissue.

The initial symptoms of SAR are felt by the patient
as pain and is characterized by the presence of a single or multiple ulcers that occur repeatedly in the oral mucosa, round or oval in shape, clear boundaries, the middle is yellow-gray and the edges are colored

Risk factors for the emergence and frequent recurrence of SAR include:
1. Nutrition deficiency
2. Trauma, for example being bitten
3. Genetic
4. Stress
5. Hormonal disorders
6. Allergy
7. Smoking
8. Bacterial infection

Precautions for the recurrence of SAR can be done include maintaining oral hygiene, avoiding stress and consuming adequate nutrition, especially those containing vitamin C, B12 and iron. Maintaining oral hygiene can also be done by gargling using warm salt water or mouthwash. Patients who experience sar with a size large enough (SAR major), treatment is given by administering drugs to cure ulcers and education prevention methods above.

Carry out further consultations with a doctor for adequate examination and treatment.

That's all, hopefully it can help. Wassalam.

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