The Cause Of A Sudden Fever?

Illustration of The Cause Of A Sudden Fever?
Illustration: The Cause Of A Sudden Fever?

Why do I have a fever suddenly? Even up to 40 degrees but only a few hours later. In the middle of the night I like to wake up from shivering and then fever again this week. Plus I like shortness of breath and pain in the solar plexus. I guess why, huh? Information please..

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Hello Anastasiao1998, Thank you for your question.

Have you seen a doctor since this complaint has occurred for 1 week? Fever occurs when body temperature reaches above 37.2 degrees Celsius. In general, fever is one of the body's responses when fighting infections that enter the body. Usually the symptoms of fever will be accompanied by other symptoms such as cough, runny nose, sore throat, stomach ache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea / constipation, decreased appetite, headaches, muscle or joint pain, skin rashes, and others. Some infectious diseases that can cause fever are:

sore throat
ear infection
lung infections such as pneumonia, tuberculosis
dengue fever
intestinal infections such as infections due to viruses, bacteria (for example typhus), parasites
and others

Since this complaint does not improve after 1 week, please consult your doctor immediately. To find out the cause of your complaint the doctor needs to do further questions and answers regarding the complaint, examine you, and perform other examinations such as blood tests. After knowing the cause, the new doctor can provide the right treatment.

It is also recommended that you do the following suggestions:

get enough rest
maintain nutritious food intake
avoid consuming food in large portions, you should consume food in small portions but more often
avoid consuming spicy, sour, oily, and fatty foods
avoid consuming caffeinated, fizzy, and alcoholic drinks
avoid consuming food and drinks that are not kept clean
always keep hands clean before eating and before preparing food
sufficient water consumption
taking paracetamol to reduce fever
Hopefully this information is useful.

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