The Cause Of Anemia That Recurs Even Though The Consumption Of Supplements Added Blood?

Illustration of The Cause Of Anemia That Recurs Even Though The Consumption Of Supplements Added Blood?
Illustration: The Cause Of Anemia That Recurs Even Though The Consumption Of Supplements Added Blood?


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Anemia is a condition where hemoglobin (Hb) levels are below normal. Normal Hb levels for adult men (over 18 years) are 13-17 g / dl, whereas in adult women it is 12-15 g / dl. If the examination results show below normal, it can be called anemia.

Anemia itself based on the cause is divided into several types, namely:

Anemia due to bleeding. Hb levels can be low due to the release of blood in large quantities, both out at once as in post-traumatic patients (accidents) where there are many wounds that bleed, or that come out little by little, such as gastrointestinal bleeding. Iron deficiency anemia. Occurs in patients who consume less iron. Folic acid and vitamin B12 deficiency anemia, in patients who lack folic acid and vitamin B12 intake. Anemia due to chronic diseases, for example in kidney disease, in tumors / cancer, etc. Aplastic anemia, anemia caused by a lack of red blood cell production. Because the production of red blood cells together with several other cell types, aplastic anemia is usually found in addition to low Hb levels, also found low levels of leukocytes and platelets. Hemolytic anemia, which is a disease in which red blood cells have been destroyed prematurely (normally red blood cells are 120 days / 4 months old), either due to a genetic / hereditary disease, or an infection, such as malaria. Can be characterized by yellowish skin and eye membranes. Because there are many types of anemia, additional information and tests are needed to really know what kind of anemia you are experiencing. The general symptoms of anemia are weakness, drowsiness, and lack of concentration, dizziness, and fainting. However, additional symptoms experienced depend on the type of anemia. Fainting that you experience can be a manifestation of anemia, but can also be a cause of anemia, if you fall then there is a lot of bleeding.

Each type of anemia also has different characteristics, in terms of the size of the red blood cells, the color of the cells, and the characteristics and shape of the red blood cells found through examination using a microscope. In addition, the profile of your other blood cells can also help to make a diagnosis, whether a low Hb number is also followed by another low cell number, or only Hb, etc. Examinations that can be done to support the diagnosis are:

Complete blood examination Examination of Transferrin, Ferritin, and TIBC Examination of the characteristics, size, shape and color of red blood cells Likewise for treatment, depends on the cause of the disease. If you have iron deficiency, it is true that you have to guarantee iron intake and supplementation, but if the cause is due to lack of blood cell production, that won't help, and blood transfusions, or even transplants are indeed needed. spinal cord.

If you experience this symptom often, do not hesitate to discuss it with a specialist in internal medicine, or if possible with a hematology consultant.

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